Trasko-Stal steel structure manufacture is equipped with a modern machine stock. We have two complete lines capable of automated welding and CNC machines. We have:
  • Farley Fabricator for plasma cutting,
  • Messer Griesheim for propane/oxygen cutting,
  • SCI 2000 for submerged arc welding,
  • JH 120 for automated sub-arc welding;
  • Semi-automatic welding machines,
  • CNC drill machines,
  • Band saws and circular saws,
  • Hydraulic sheet straightener to straighten plate girder wavy defects,
  • Shot peening machine for sheets,
  • Own paint shop;
We conform to the following standards:
  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007 (we have the quality management certificate in welding pursuant to IS, PCA and EWF – Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. Part 2 – Comprehensive Quality Requirements),
  • PN-B 06200:2002 and PN-M-69008 (we hold the Certificate of Competence whereby our plant belongs to the First Group of Large Enterprises pursuant to PN-M-69009, qualifying us to manufacture welded constructions 1, 2 and 3 according to PN-M-69008 and building constructions made of steel considering the requirements of PN-B 06200:2002).
  • DIN 18800-7 (Stahlbauten – Teil 7: Ausführung und Herstellerqualifikation, Steel building structures. Part 7: Execution and constructor’s qualification); we hold the GSI SLV Duisburg Certificate of Competence, qualifying us to manufacture E-class steel building structures and crane beams pursuant to DIN 4132 (Bescheinigung Klasse E)
We use modern methods of steel structure welding:
  • Submerged arc welding (121),
  • Active gas arc welding with consumable electrode, MAG welding (135),
  • Hand covered-electrode arc welding (111);

In order to provide adequate supervision over quality, we only employ qualified employees:
  • Chief Welder – with EWE, IWE, EWI-E certificates and an welder examiner license from Welding Institute
  • Welding Process Engineer – with EWT certificate
  • Welders – with certificates pursuant with PN-EN 287-1 standard
  • Quality Control Department employees – with VT2 , PT2 certificates pursuant to PN-EN 473, and the Head of Quality Control Department has IWI-C certificates.

Trasko-Stal steel structure manufacturing plant won the 2007 Quality Forum Quality International competition in the “Q1 Product – top quality product”category.
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